Adiel Fernandez

Interaction Designer & Developer

The Spacetime Explorer: Museum Exhibit Prototype

Spacetime Explorer Teaser

Quick project overview (Runtime 1 min 40 sec).


The fabric of the universe can be thought of as a big rubber sheet. Massive objects can be thought of as warping the rubber sheet, affecting the motions and states of matter around them. Satellites orbit the Earth, the planets revolve around the Sun and even the path of a ray of light is bent as it moves through curved “spacetime”.


The Spacetime Explorer is an interactive museum exhibit designed to teach the science of the evolution of matter and the stars in the context of Einstein's spacetime continuum. Users interact with a dynamic spandex surface on top of which animations are projected using retro-reflective ball bearings as both interaction objects and interface elements. Through out the narrative, users learn about spacetime, the dynamic canvas that serves as the backdrop for the known universe, the the journey undergone by matter as it evolves from a sparse nebula to a newborn star then later dive into the star itself to learn about nuclear fusion.

Interactive Narrative Structure

Given the depth and breadth of content, users can choose to start at the beginning stages and worth their way down to more complex ideas following a narrative thread. They also have the option of jumping between stages as will to explore each of the standalone stages individually in whatever order they choose.

Project was presented at the 2014 Parsons MFA Design & Technology Thesis Exhibition and went on to win 3 Editors choice awards at World Maker Faire 2014.

Spacetime Explorer: Narrative Run Through

Run through of all interactive stages with explanations and narration (Runtime 5 min 05 sec).